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23 Reasons To Never Eat Breakfast

Wake up early? LOL.

Jenny Chang / Via BuzzFeed Life

1. Who wants blueberry pie first thing in the morning anyway?

Recipe for blueberry oatmeal bars here.

2. Look how invasive that syrup is- it's getting EVERYWHERE.

Dutch cream waffle recipe here.

3. This looks suspiciously like pizza, which would be the worst way to start your day.

Recipe for red pepper and egg galettes here.

4. Wait-- you ARE pizza. First thing in the morning? I couldn't POSSIBLY.

Recipe for breakfast pizza with avocado and asparagus here.

5. I'll bet those bits of cheese are melty and gooey inside there, which I don't know if I can handle before noon.

Recipe for spinach and feta frittata here.

6. This oatmeal is so easy you don't even have to stir it, which is like, so boring.

Recipe for baked pumpkin oatmeal here.

7. Starting your day with fried chicken would just make you think it's your birthday and therefore spoil you rotten and we can NOT have that.

Fried chicken and waffles recipe here.

8. Runny yolks, spicy tomato sauce, crusty bread- I'm sorry, I did not sign up for this.

Recipe for spicy shakshuka here.

9. Listen, I know this egg only takes 60 seconds to microwave, but I just don't have the time.

For how to scramble an egg in a microwave, head here.

10. That's a lot of sugar first thing in the morning, which just feels kinda irresponsible.

Blueberry Dutch Pancake recipe here.

11. Perfectly toasted bagels give me nightmares.

Toasted bagel and avocado sandwich recipe here.

12. GROSS.

Recipe for bacon breakfast casserole here.

13. You're saying "breakfast smoothie", but I'm hearing "delicious creamy blended beverage" and that feels like false advertising.

Recipe for green breakfast smoothie here.

14. As if I needed another way to eat tacos.

Breakfast taco recipe here.

15. This is so tall, how does anyone expect it to fit inside a mouth?

Recipe for huevos rancheros breakfast sandwich here.

16. If the phrase "berry pie filling" gets your juices flowing, then by all means.

Recipe for soaked oats with berries here.

17. Warm, toasted banana bread slathered with vanilla butter sounds like a trick to get me out of bed and I don't appreciate it.

Banana bread recipe here.

18. I don't care how many golden brown mushrooms you're filled with– If I can't spell it, I'm not sure I'm gonna make it.

Mushroom and spinach omelette recipe here.

19. Well doesn't this look like a "complete breakfast". How "nutritious".

Corn and kale breakfast hash recipe here.

20. This egg yolk looks dangerous and should be locked up in jail forever.

Pretzel bun breakfast sandwich recipe here.

21. These seem small, and therefore unsafe to bring around children.

Recipe for bacon and egg muffin tins here.

22. "Do you want a healthy breakfast?" Seems like a cruel trick question.

Recipe for apple granola parfait here.

23. That pool of syrup looks like a health hazard. Don't even get me started on that melty pat of butter.

Buckwheat-flax pancakes recipe here.