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21 Reasons To Never Go Outside Again

Never again k baiiiiiiiii.

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12. Actually, colder weather allows for endless consumption of all *kinds* of chili, like this one with SWEET POTATO + SAUSAGE.

Stick with the recommended chorizo if you dig spicy things, or switch it up with something a little more mild. Find the recipe here.

15. Knife skills also come in handy for this gratin. Luckily, in winter it is acceptable to eat your favorite food group — CHEESY POTATOES — for every meal.

If your knife skills are looking a little shabs, a mandolin is a great tool to have here. Recipe for six-ingredient potato gratin here.


17. Which means you should make this GARLIC AND CITRUS MARINATED PORK which I would like to marry one day.

Buy the fattiest cut of pork you can find and you will be rewarded greatly. Recipe for mojo-marinated pork should here.