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    Posted on Dec 25, 2015

    21 Incredible Ways To Eat More Ranch Dressing In 2016

    As if you needed more ways.

    1. Use the dry mix as a rub for chicken or pork before roasting.

    One-Pan Ranch Pork Chops recipe here.

    2. Add the dry mix into ground turkey or beef to make ~ranch burgers~.

    3. Use it as a seasoning for vegetable casseroles.

    Like this Green Bean Casserole with Bacon and Ranch. Recipe here.

    4. The dressing also makes a mean marinade for chicken breasts, especially awesome when grilled.

    Recipe for Sriracha and Ranch Grilled Chicken here.

    5. Instead of just dipping your pizza into ranch dressing, spread it onto the crust *before* you bake it.

    It'll get browned and crispy and crazy flavorful. Recipe for Bacon Ranch Pizza here.

    6. But also, 100% keep dipping your pizza into it.

    7. Use a packet of ranch dressing mix to season popcorn.

    8. Blend with avocado and use as a creamy dressing.

    Make a big batch and use on salads, grain bowls and roasted vegetables like these Curried Sweet Potato Fries. Recipe here.

    9. Stir some into your next batch of mac-n-cheese before you bake it.

    Dinner for one. Recipe for Ranch Mac and Cheese here.

    10. Even better in a muffin tin.

    Recipe for Bacon Mac and Cheese Cups here.

    11. Toss french fries with the powdered mix then drizzle the dressing OVER THE WHOLE THING.

    Like ranch nachos, only better. Recipe for Chicken Bacon Ranch Fries here.

    12. Don't like brussels sprouts? I'll bet you like *these* brussels sprouts.

    Because ranch. Recipe here.

    13. Use instead of mayo in your next potato salad.

    Please pass the ranch, I mean potato salad. Recipe for Bacon Ranch Potato Salad here.

    14. Use the dry seasoning mix to season your next batch of ~party nuts~.

    These are even made in a slow cooker (!!!). Recipe here.

    15. For a hummus-meets-ranch dip love story, puree chickpeas with some of (or a whole packet of) ranch mix.

    When two become one. They use a DIY ranch mix in this recipe, but you can def use the packaged stuff, too. Recipe for Ranch Hummus here.

    16. And also Chex Mix.

    Slow Cooker Ranch Chex Mix recipe here.


    Better than nuts, IMO. Recipe for Roasted Ranch Chickpeas here.

    18. Mix it with cream cheese, cheddar cheese and bacon for a super delicious (and easy) cheese ball.

    19. Next time you're making mashed potatoes, use ranch instead of sour cream for that extra ~tang~.

    Recipe for Loaded Garlic Ranch Mashed Potatoes here.

    20. Sprinkle into chowders, soups and stews at the start of cooking for a little something extra.

    Recipe for slow cooker friendly Cheddar + Ranch Chicken Chowder here.

    21. Or, you know, drink it as a soda.