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Which Mejor Amiga Are You?

Find out which Mejor Amiga you resemble most!

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  1. What is your drink of choice?

    Strawberry Lemonade Svedka
    Coke Zero + any liquor
    anything with alcohol
  2. Your typical boy "type"

    tall, brunette, older sweet southern boys
    Guys who enjoy giving more than receiving
    guys with the WORST red flags
    any in her usual on-going list, found on her snapchat
    the most random, but good guys
    boys who cheat and don't know that Wisconsin is a state
    guys who don't like you back, but you'll stop when they do
  3. If you are on your phone, what are you most likely doing?

    Online Shopping
    Texting your mom back
  4. what are you found eating on a daily basis?

    not lunch
    NuGo bars
    peanut butter and something healthy
    school lunch packed by her mom
    to-go from somewhere good
  5. favorite netflix show?

    New Girl
    Grey's Anatomy
    This is Us
    stranger things
    anything but stranger things
    whatever everyone else is watching
    i prefer movies
  6. it's friday night, what are you doing?

    a puzzle with my parents
    pretending to be sick to stay home
    one of your boy-toys
    drinking wine with my cousins or parents
    putting on a full face of makeup and not going out
    a family dinner
    watching tv at home
  7. what kind of drunk are you?

    frat boy rowdy
    Flirty ;)
    Psycho af
    high school freshman after 2 shots
  8. if you are listening to music, what playlist are you listening to?

    chill as folk
    songs that get drunk white girls excited
    mellow me
    anything on my spotify bc it rocks
    top hits
    who knows
  9. Favorite animal?

    i love all animals especially my own
    Anything but alligators
    NOT cats
    i hate all animals
  10. If you aren't in Fort Worth, where are you?

    Camp Longhorn
    New Orleans
    an exotic international travel
    Colorado, NYC, California etc...
    probably still in fort worth

Which Mejor Amiga Are You?

You got: The Kathryn

You got Kathryn! You are the most responsible, smart, and successful out of the group. You tend to opt out of social events because of family obligations and always put school and sports before anything else. While you are responsible, you still are extremely fun when you want to be... You are a big FIREBALL of fun ;)

The Kathryn
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You got: The Emma

You got Emma! You are extremely smart in school, maybe even in the top 5 of your class at your prestigious and rigorous private school. But when it comes to street smarts... good luck. You have a constant cycle of 5-10 boys to snapchat and hang out with as you please. You are smart by day, but as soon as you consume a bit of alcohol, you completely forget every piece of common sense in your brain.

The Emma
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You got: The Sarah

You got Sarah! A true BBB-- you can look cute, but still hang with the boys. You are better off with a boyfriend because you crave constant attention for someone to please you. You tend to go for boys who don't understand simple topics, or tend to cheat on you. Preferably from Aledo or Arkansas. Your ideal night out would consist of cats, beer, and boys.

The Sarah
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You got: The Jacqueline

You got Jacqueline! You're a short and sultry little dancer that gets guys to bow down at her feet. You are found stressing out about virtually anything when you actually don't have anything to worry about. You always have a boy-toy at your disposal, but act like no one likes you. You are always on the prowl for some wine to drink out of the bottle.

The Jacqueline
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You got: The Sophia

You got Sophia! Awkward by day, crazy by night. You are the type of person who completely changes personalities when drunk. You go from a responsible sweet girl to a horny alcoholic after about one shot. You probably won't remember 99% of the guys you hook up with, but who cares? All you care about is where the tequila is. ;)

The Sophia
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You got: The Charlotte

You got Charlotte! You are most likely to call your friends out on basically everything, but they still love you. You obsess over guys you can't have, but as soon as they want you, you lose interest. You are found 30 minutes late to any event (even your own birthday party) at home doing your makeup. You'll quote any show, vine, or youtube video constantly and get angry when no one understands the reference. Also will uncontrollably cry about things that are extremely insignificant.

The Charlotte
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You got: The Alison

You got Alison. You are most likely to pick a fight with anyone you meet. You have the highest standards for guys but when no-one meets those standards you stoop low. You have an addiction to online shopping and buy too many things that look the exact same. Most likely to break up with boyfriend because you don't want to have sex with him. You're found always buying for your friends and staying in frat houses "alone"

The Alison
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