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    11 Woes Of Young People Who Are Hard Of Hearing

    What did you say?

    When someone gives you a compliment...

    Paramount Pictures; Mean Girls / Via

    But you totally mishear it.

    DreamWorks Pictures; Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy / Via

    My hair looks like a waxy yak?!

    When someone doesn't ask you a question...

    Paramount Pictures; Mean Girls / Via

    But you answer it anyway.

    When your friend tells you a really important secret...

    Like a really important one.

    And it's clear to everyone that you have no idea what they just said.

    Capitol Records, LLC; Katy Perry / Via

    Totes no idea.

    When someone is being hella loud...

    Pottle Productions; CBS Television Distribution; Tyra Banks; America's Next Top Model / Via

    And it just kind of sounds like baby angel poots to you.

    Miramax Films; Pulp Fiction / Via

    When an ambulance passes, your friends are like...

    ABC; Boy Meets World / Via

    And you think they're over exaggerating.

    The Amazing Spider Man / Via

    At brunch, when your friends are laughing all like...

    And you've missed it...

    When you're talking to a friend and you're not responding to everything they're saying...

    ABC; New Girl / Via

    But you were totally listening.

    Viacom; MTV / Via

    Except you did kind of miss everything between "I" and "pregnant."

    When you're on the phone with someone who is really upset...

    And to you they just sound kind of normal.

    When someone is talking in any direction...

    CBS; I Love Lucy / Via

    That is not in a direct path towards your ear canal.

    NBC; Community / Via

    When someone is telling you their darkest secrets...

    And you have no idea that you missed the boat.

    Disney; Enchanted / Via

    When someone asks if you can hear them...

    Hocus Pocus / Via

    And you're honest.

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