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    17 Wedding Dress Diagrams That Will Simplify Your Shopping

    Buying the dress just got easier.

    Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed

    1. Consider factors like budget and location, among others.

    If you're dying for a ball gown dress, you might want to reconsider a beach wedding. Plan out your priorities so you don't get overwhelmed while shopping.

    2. Make a budget checklist.

    And don't forget to allow some room for expenses like alterations and a hair and makeup trial (they can sneak up on you).

    3. Work backwards from your wedding date to create a timeline.

    If you're buying from a bridal salon, give yourself eight months or so to find and order your dress.

    And you'll definitely want to do a final dress fitting between two weeks and a month from the big day in case there are any final alterations.

    4. Know the wedding dress basics.

    For your dream dress, think about: neckline, silhouette, train, and fabric.

    5. Choose a silhouette.

    You can always add to it with personalized details.

    6. Decode neckline styles.

    And think about what kind of neckline makes you feel most confident; you don't want to feel self-conscious about a strapless dress while doing your Naomi Campbell walk down the aisle.

    7. Get familiar with fabrics.

    Think about the season of your ceremony (do you want a lighter or a heavier fabric?) and your preferred texture to narrow down some options.

    8. Get the right fit.

    One smart bit of info? You may need fewer alterations with a corset dress because you can adjust the fit yourself.

    9. And know how to properly measure yourself.

    Getting the right measurements can make a huge difference if you'r shopping online or buying vintage.

    10. Think about color.

    Stark white can look very striking on a darker skin tone, while ivory can add warmth to fairer skin.

    11. Decide on a train.

    It can be 10 feet long or not at all.

    12. Pick your sleeves.

    Perhaps a romantic juliet sleeve? Or maybe a modern illusion will do the trick?

    13. Or maybe you want a specific type of bodice?

    An embellished bodice is sometimes preferred by bustier brides. Try a few on and see if you like the effect.

    14. Figure out what you should wear underneath it.

    Because you'd hate to splurge on a beautiful bra that creeps out of the sides of your dress.

    15. Pick out the perfect veil.

    Would you rather a simple blusher for a city hall wedding? Or do you want to go all out with a cathedral veil? Some brides forgo the veil altogether.

    16. Think about veil fabric.

    Would you rather go shimmery or matte?

    17. And consider a headpiece.

    Totally optional, but worth a thought.