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17 Ways To Rock A Suit Better Than The Boys

The menswear train is in the station.

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1. Pick a suit based on how it fits your shoulders.

"The rest of your suit can be tailored (like the hem, sleeve length, and waist)," WILDFANG creative director Taralyn Thuot told BuzzFeed Life. "Go as slim as you can while still making sure you have the range of motion to drive a car or catch a ball."

2. Invert the classic back suit/white shirt combo.

It's just as formal, but feels a little more modern.


3. The width of the tie should match the width of the lapel.

"Having the two match in width creates a visually pleasing appearance," Sara Medd, stylist and founder of Greyscale Goods told BuzzFeed Life. "In general, a skinny tie looks most proportional to a skinny lapel."

4. A gap between your jacket’s lapels and your shirt’s collar can signify an poorly-fitting jacket.

"Any gaping between the shirt's collar and the jacket's lapel means the jacket is too big," says Medd. "Also, buckling in the shirt collar means that the jacket is too small to wear with that particular shirt."

5. Pair slim cropped pants with a boxier blazer.

"And the blazer should hit right below the hip," Thuot says.

6. Give your shirt a half-tuck.

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If you don't like fully tucking in your shirt, consider this option. "With a half tuck or two-finger tuck, you achieve a put together look with a more effortless vibe," Thuot says.


7. Layer on top of your layers.

If it's too chilly for just a suit jacket, wear a longer coat (like a trench) over your shoulders. Since you're not stuffing your arms into the sleeves, your suit won't get wrinkled.

8. Go for wide-leg pants.

To get the perfect fit, bring a pair of heels with you (ideally, the ones that you'll wind up wearing with the suit) when you go to try the pants on. You want to make sure the hem fully covers the toe of the shoe without being a hair over or under.

9. Be bright for the weekend.

"Once you have mastered the formal suit style, it's time to conquer a casual weekend look. This is where a bright suit comes into play," says Thuot. "Own the playful vibe and pair your bright suit with a patterned shirt."

10. Buy men's blazers instead of oversized women's jackets.

Chances are it will cost less and you'll get more options.


11. Wear a suit with sneakers.

"One trick: The hem length of the pant must be at the ankle or shorter," says Medd. "And a skinny pant leg looks best as well, but at the very least it should be a straight leg pant."

12. Do a double-button suit jacket to a formal event.

"Double button is more traditional," says Medd. Play around with bow ties to see if it's your thing.

13. Try a peplum blazer for a more hourglass look.

"Peplums definitely look feminine and create exaggerated figures for those who are shaped more straight up and down," says Medd.


15. Try a vest with a neutral suit.

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"I totally dig the 3-piece look, but keep in mind that wearing a vest with a blazer is already a style statement," Thuot says. "Stick with matching separates and keep the rest of your ensemble minimal and classic."

16. Push up your sleeves—don't roll them.

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"To keep your sleeves from looking too bunchy, unbutton your shirt sleeves, straighten them out under your blazer, and push up both blazer and shirt sleeves together," Thuot says.

17. Angle suspenders to follow the curves of your body.

"A thin width suspender is the most universally flattering," says Thuot. "Angle them slightly from the shoulders in to the waist."