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    21 Cool Ways To Own Maternity Style When You're Pregnant

    Mamas be sexy.

    You are a radiant, life-bearing force...

    1. Pencil skirts? Yes.

    2. Button-ups? Yes and yes.

    3. Flared skirts? Why not.

    4. Asymmetrical hemlines? Why yes please and thank you.

    5. Color-blocking? Cute!

    6. Horizontal stripes? OMG.

    7. Bright colors? Of course.

    8. Thicker fabrics? Worth a try.

    9. Tight dresses? Go for it.

    10. Heels? If they feel comfy enough, do it.

    11. Chunky accessories? Get it, girl.

    12. Angie-inspired slit dresses? Definitely.

    13. Sneakers with a dress? Just do it.

    14. Circle scarves and yoga pants? Totes.

    15. All black? Totally.

    16. Flowy materials? All the way.

    17. Belts up top? Perf.

    18. Textured skirts? Hell yes.

    19. Florals? Clearly.

    20. ASOS maternity? Great idea.

    ASOS Maternity has an amazing, on-trend selection of maternity options that are budget-friendly, according to Awasthi.

    21. A suit jacket and two hands? Hell, go for it.

    Bellies be one hot accessory.