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    16 Unique Tattoos That'll Make You Say "Ink Me"

    From teeny-tiny to full effect.

    1. A few abstract brushstrokes to highlight your back...

    2. There's also a colorful version that's equally beautiful.

    3. A dainty little number that adds interest to your elbow area.

    4. An illuminated pearl.

    5. An elegant key.

    6. A hand tattoo that says it all.

    7. A mesmerizing snake that twists around and around.

    8. Two simple tats for your pagan heart.

    9. Abstract faces that make it seem like you have more than one set of eyes in the back of your head.

    10. A unique tree in winter.

    11. A few darling blooms.

    12. A beautiful geometric piece that'll calm the soul.

    13. A perfect silhouette.

    14. A way to commemorate a loved one in the most beautiful script ever.

    15. A simple yet striking finger tattoo.

    16. A geometric bull that's equal parts hard and soft.

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