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    Meet The 4-Year-Old Twins Who Are Taking The Modeling World By Storm

    Those eyes thoughhhhhh.

    Meet Megan and Morgan, 4-year-old twins from Philadelphia.

    Stephanie Boyd / Via

    The twins are also aspiring models.

    Stephanie Boyd / Via

    "They love fashion and they like to dress the same," the twin's mother, Stephanie Boyd, told BuzzFeed Life. Boyd features the twins on her Instagram account, which has more than 45,000 followers.


    Look at those edgy concave back stances.

    And that smile.

    And let's not forget those ocean-blue eyes.

    They got them from their mama.

    Morgan has heterochromia, a condition where each eye is a different color.

    As for their style, they decide on the looks themselves.

    Total fashion killers.