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    Posted on Sep 30, 2015

    5 Super Simple DIYs You Need To Try This Month

    A roundup of fun DIY questions we’ve answered in recent editions of the BuzzFeed DIY newsletter.

    Jenny Chang // BuzzFeed

    1. Three ingenious ways to use old teacups:

    Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed

    What can I do with all Granny's old teacups and saucers? —Leroux D.

    There are dozens of ways to use teacups other than simply for drinking tea. Here are some inventive ways to repurpose your grandmother's collection: Use them to beautifully organize your necklaces, earrings, and other baubles. Or transform a single cup into a pin cushion using a scrap of fabric and some stuffing. If you have a green thumb, you could create a miniature teacup garden. And if you prefer to sip wine instead of tea, turn the cups into wine glasses — cheers!

    2. This handy dog bed hack:

    Alice Mongkongllite // BuzzFeed

    Do you have any DIY tips for pets in a small space like an apartment? —Vicky A.

    Dog cages can be eyesores, especially when they take up precious floor space in a tiny room. To get your kennel off the floor and still keep it convenient for your pooch, try this handy DIY! First, remove a drawer from a dresser or nightstand. Then, place a soft bed or kennel inside the empty space. Add a curtain for your pup's privacy— and as a way to cover it up during the day while still allowing your pooch easy access. You're done!

    3. Tricks to upgrade your wardrobe:

    Jenny Chang // BuzzFeed

    Can you show me new ways to revamp old shirts and stuff? —Katrine D.

    When it comes to clothes, there are some items that you don't mind letting go of, and others that feel like throwing them out is a crime against nature. For those special items, you can try a few simple techniques to bring them back into style and get one or two more years out of them. One trick: Add a no-sew pocket using fabric glue. You can also cut a shape into the back of your shirt and add a lace insert. Want to add a little flair to a denim shirt or jacket? Push in some basic studs along the collar for an awesome look. And for even more, you can check out these ideas on easy, no-sew clothing upgrades.

    4. Three easy ways to make a small room look larger than life:

    Jenny Chang // BuzzFeed

    Are there easy decor tweaks that will make my tiny room look bigger? —Falak A.

    Having grown up in New York, I know ALL about these closets that qualify as so-called "rooms". To make an itty-bitty space look that much bigger, you have to create an illusion of openness using lines and light. Lined rugs and even walls can create a sense of length that travels throughout your room. Adding a large mirror creates a sense of dimension in a boxed-in space. And nothing makes a room feel more closed-in than clutter. Pick smart furniture that doubles as storage to max out on floor space and make your space feel that much more open.

    5. This life-changing packing trick:

    Alice Mongkongllite // BuzzFeed

    I live in a rental and I've had to move every few years. Is there one packing hack that can be especially helpful for moving? —M. D. Jadeja

    One tiny tip can go a long way. Exhibit A: This packing hack that neatly stores all of your clothes without using any bulky boxes. All you need to do is slip about 15 pieces of hung clothing into a drawstring garbage bag just like this. Tie the drawstring around the necks of the hangers to keep everything in place and then carry them out to the moving van when you're good and ready. Once you arrive at your new home, situate the clothing-garbage-bag-bundle in the closet and cut off the garbage bag.

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