28 Insanely Awesome Gifts For The Coolest Geek You Know

    Let your fandom flag fly.

    1. This baller AF Batman beanie:

    2. This metallic C-3PO wallet:

    3. This Star Trek-inspired card that gets you:

    4. This totally festive Game of Thrones sweatshirt:

    5. This R2-D2 snapback cap:

    6. This Doctor Who salt-and-pepper shaker set:

    7. This Polyjuice potion flask that Mad Eye Moody would appreciate:

    8. This ingenious Jigglypuff sports bra:

    9. These Star Trek cookie cutters:

    10. This commanding Darth Vader mug:

    11. These Harry-inspired lightening bolt earrings:

    12. This glowing strand of Dalek string lights:

    13. Thie Minecraft Creeper backpack:

    14. This Shakespearean version of Star Wars called The Empire Striketh Back:

    15. These mix-and-match Iron-Man-and-Hulk socks:

    16. These Batman boxer briefs:

    17. This "Accio Tea" mug complete with the ominous Grim on the bottom of the cup:

    18. This neon Boba Fett tee:

    19. This Wonder Woman onesie:

    20. These lightsaber ice pop makers:

    21. This totally realistic Star-Lord knapsack:

    22. This Game of Thrones dragon egg cookie jar:

    23. This minimalist X-wing printed tee:

    24. This on-point Link bathrobe:

    25. This R2-D2 measuring cup set:

    26. This Harry Potter tee that sums up the holidays:

    27. This impressive Doctor Who comforter:

    28. And lastly, this seriously legit Royal Crown of the Houses Baratheon & Lannister:

    Geeky gifts FTW!

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