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    An Exact Replica Of The Titanic Will Set Sail In 2018

    So you can be drawn like a French girl.

    Are you a Titanic fanatic?

    Then get ready for Titanic II, people.

    This time around, the ship with have more life boats and ~air conditioning~.

    Palmer had originally announced his plans to build the ship in 2012, but he faced delays, according to Today.

    The delays led some to speculate the project was not moving forward, but a company spokesman told the Belfast Telegraph that it was merely being pushed back by two years.

    The new vessel will have 840 cabins and a capacity of 2,400 passengers, the Belfast Telegraph reported.

    The crew will consist of roughly 900 people.

    The company hasn't said how much a ticket on the ship will cost, but the company told the Belfast Telegraph that they had been offered nearly $1 million by people to take the trip. BuzzFeed has reached out to Blue Star Line for comment.

    And the architectural plans are so spot-on they'll give you chills.

    You can totally imagine Rose being all IDGAF while her mother just goes on and on in the Cafe Parisien dining saloon.

    Look at this recreation of a first class bedroom:

    So on-point.

    And these third class bunk beds don't look too bad:

    And this Edwardian-inspired gym will totally take you back in time.

    Even the elevators look like Rose and Jack could step through them any minute.

    All *aboard*. The ship plans to set off on its maiden voyage from Jiangsu, China, to Dubai, in 2018, the Belfast Telegraph reported.