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    11 Ways To Get The Smoothest, Softest, Fullest Lips Ever

    Oh so kissable.

    1. When you're looking for lip balm, try to get one with a short ingredients list.

    2. If your skin is super sensitive and prone to allergic reactions, be careful with lanolin and beeswax.

    3. Exfoliate your lips once a week with an easy DIY blend of olive oil and sugar.

    4. Want to exfoliate AND get fuller-looking lips? Try a toothbrush.

    5. To prep lips for lipstick, use a cotton swab to coat lips with Aquaphor.

    6. If you're dealing with super dry, chapped lips, consider an over-the-counter topical hydrocortisone cream.


    8. Want fuller lips immediately and without *injections*? Look in your pantry.

    9. Not a DIY kind of girl? Look for a lip treatment that contains niacin.

    10. If you're in it to play the long game, try treatments with palmitoyl oligopeptide or hyaluronic acid.

    11. Always remember that you can create the ~appearance~ of fuller lips instead of actually making your lips bigger.