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    Here's What It Looks Like When An Obese Dog Loses 30 Pounds

    Get ready to meet your new hero.

    Meet Bolinha, an 80-pound stray dog from western Brazil.

    Bolinha lived outside of a gas station where the locals constantly fed him scraps of food, according to Little Things.

    Sadly, he became a bit of a roadside attraction.

    But then a man brought Bolihna to the Animal Protection Organization, where he got his very first bath!

    And he was showered with love as his challenge to get healthy and fit began.

    Bolihna started walking on a treadmill in water to alleviate painful pressure on his joints.

    He was also put on a restricted diet.

    It took some time, but slowly Bolinha started to shed his weight.

    In less than a year, Bolinha lost more than 30 pounds.

    Bolinha's rescuers are now helping him shed another 15 pounds so that he can reach his goal weight.

    Keep fighting the good fight, Bolinha!