11 Things That Were Impossible To Open...Until Now

    Coconuts, plastic packaging, key rings, and beyond.

    1. A discarded pistachio shell opens a stubborn one.

    2. Use the back side of a knife to crack a coconut without the mess.

    3. Loose change neatly opens a bag of potato chips.

    4. Try a quick thumb technique to peel an orange.

    Cut around the circumference of the peel without slicing into the flesh of the orange. Then, wedge your thumb in between the peel and the orange and rotate. Watch the full video here.

    5. Freeze clams to make them open up on their own.

    6. Let a can opener cut through impossible plastic packaging.

    7. Use a rubberband to open a sealed jar.

    8. Shake garlic in a bowl to peel an entire head in 10 seconds.

    9. Try a staple remover to open a keyring.

    10. Microwave corn for 8 minutes to husk it in 5 seconds.

    11. Nail polish remover unsticks a nail polish cap.