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    11 Things That Were Impossible To Open...Until Now

    Coconuts, plastic packaging, key rings, and beyond.

    1. A discarded pistachio shell opens a stubborn one.

    Stick the tip of an empty pistachio shell into the narrow crack and twist the shell like you would turn a screwdriver, according to Instructables. The shell will then easily split open.

    2. Use the back side of a knife to crack a coconut without the mess.

    Tap the blunt end of a knife around the shell's circumference and it will easily open. Watch the full video here.

    3. Loose change neatly opens a bag of potato chips.

    Xasf / Via

    "Place two coins on the opposite sides of the bag (close together) and squeeze the bag with your thumbs," says redditor Xasf. "Then when you try to rip open the bag, the coins will work as makeshift scissors and neatly cut it open."

    4. Try a quick thumb technique to peel an orange.


    Cut around the circumference of the peel without slicing into the flesh of the orange. Then, wedge your thumb in between the peel and the orange and rotate. Watch the full video here.

    5. Freeze clams to make them open up on their own.


    Wash your clams, place them on a sheet pan, and put them in the freezer for at least three hours, according to Aki Kamozawa and H. Alexander Talbot of Ideas In Food. Move them to the refrigerator and—as they thaw—they will open halfway.

    6. Let a can opener cut through impossible plastic packaging.

    Qaetv / Via

    Clamp the blade down onto the bottom of the packaging and twist the handle to slice up the side.

    7. Use a rubberband to open a sealed jar.

    Turn your jar upside down and tap the corners of the lid on a hard surface, says wikiHow. But here's the hack: Place a thick rubber band around the lid to give you more traction. Then twist off.

    8. Shake garlic in a bowl to peel an entire head in 10 seconds.

    Saveur / Via

    Hit the head of garlic with the heel of your hand, says Saveur's Executive Food Editor Todd Coleman. Then, drop the cloves into one bowl and cover with a second bowl that is the same size. Hold the bowls together and shake for 10-20 seconds. Watch the full video here.

    9. Try a staple remover to open a keyring.

    Clamp a staple remover down onto the space between the two tight rings, according to Veooz. The teeth will spread the ring apart, making it easy to roll a new key onto your keychain.

    10. Microwave corn for 8 minutes to husk it in 5 seconds.

    Buck Williams / Via

    Place a few ears in the microwave and heat for 8 minutes, according to husking genius Buck Williams. Use a knife to cut off the bottom inch of the ear and the cob will slip out. Watch the full video here.

    11. Nail polish remover unsticks a nail polish cap.

    Dip a cotton swab in nail polish remover and rub along the space between the neck and the cap to loosen up the hardened polish, says WikiHow.

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