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8 Things You Should Really Be Buying In The Men's Department

Just in time for your wish list.

First thing's first: Men's clothes are usually made better than women's clothes.

Exhibit A: Boyfriend jeans versus your boyfriend's actual jeans.

Your boyfriend is paying less — so why shouldn't you? "If you get a smaller size in a skinny fit, men's jeans can feel more comfortable and even cost less than boyfriend styles," says Sara Qaddoura, curator of e-commerce at London-based fashion startup Not Just A Label. Plus, menswear offers a whole new range of sizes for your fine bod.

Cool? Cool. So here's how to beat the system and buy up the men's department...

Looking for a new sweater? Buy it in men's.

Button-up for one? Get it in men's.

Baggy sweatpants or low-slung jeans, perhaps? Men's all the way.

Could use a cute backpack or weekender, huh? Check out men's.

Since backpacks are a central accessory in menswear, check out the other side of the store before you settle on a clutch (no handles, say wha?!).

Dying for a comfy tee? Shop in men's.

Oversize jacket, ya? Totes in the men's department.

Thick socks? Calling to you from menswear.

Now, let's get out there and run the world.