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8 Things You Should Really Be Buying In The Men's Department

Just in time for your wish list.

First thing's first: Men's clothes are usually made better than women's clothes.

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Why? Affordable clothing brands usually have an allotted amount of money to spend on menswear and womenswear. Menswear will usually involve fewer clothing templates (or patterns) because they offer fewer style options. For womenswear, however, manufacturers use TONS of templates (for crop tops, boat necks, oversize tees, blouses, tank tops — and we're only talking about shirts here!). Since the templates can get expensive, there may be less money left over in the budget to invest in materials.

Exhibit A: Boyfriend jeans versus your boyfriend's actual jeans.


Your boyfriend is paying less — so why shouldn't you? "If you get a smaller size in a skinny fit, men's jeans can feel more comfortable and even cost less than boyfriend styles," says Sara Qaddoura, curator of e-commerce at London-based fashion startup Not Just A Label. Plus, menswear offers a whole new range of sizes for your fine bod.

Cool? Cool. So here's how to beat the system and buy up the men's department...

Looking for a new sweater? Buy it in men's.

Button-up for one? Get it in men's.

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Men's shirts have more structure, which can give you a cool, boxy look, according to Sonny Oram, founder of Boston-based style blog Qwear. Button them up to the top or throw one on over a dress (the length can work in your favor). Roll up the sleeves and you've got this!

Baggy sweatpants or low-slung jeans, perhaps? Men's all the way.

Could use a cute backpack or weekender, huh? Check out men's.

Since backpacks are a central accessory in menswear, check out the other side of the store before you settle on a clutch (no handles, say wha?!).

Dying for a comfy tee? Shop in men's.

Oversize jacket, ya? Totes in the men's department.

Thick socks? Calling to you from menswear.

Now, let's get out there and run the world.

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Dressing room domination commences.