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    These Ancient Condoms Will Make You Realize How Far Safe Sex Has Come

    Once you consider what our ancestors had to deal with.

    Look at this linen sheath. Haven't we come a long way?

    The earliest description of the condom was by anatomist Gabriello Fallopio in 1564, according to The History Of The Condom. He made a one-size-fits-all cloth sleeve that he found effective in preventing syphilis. But can you imagine how scratchy this would feel?

    Look at this tortoise shell condom. Maybe latex isn't so bad?

    OUCH. These hard condoms were popular in Japan.

    How about this paper sleeve? Anyone?

    Oiled silk paper condoms were popular in China.

    Look at this animal intestine one. Aren't Trojans great?

    Part of the Powerhouse Museum Collection in Sydney, Australia, this condom from the late 1800's is made of animal membrane (probably from a sheep's intestines). The end result: Ancient vegans had tons of children.

    Now go have sex with one of these and rejoice!

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    Because it definitely could be worse.

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