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These People Played Tattoo Roulette And Got The Most Horrible Tattoos Ever

Can you spell r-e-g-r-e-t?

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Welcome to tattoo roulette, a game that randomly selects the design and body part for your next tattoo.


Media company Elite Daily worked with tattoo artist Mr. Kaves from Brooklyn Made Tattoo to make some regrettable designs become a reality for a few New Yorkers who came in off the street. "It was a cool video idea we thought people would enjoy watching," Tyler Gildin, video director of Elite Daily, tells BuzzFeed Life.

How it works...

Step 1: Use a Plinko board to select a godawful tattoo.

Elite Daily made a bunch of really tasteful designs that you'd love to show off. Like, in this lucky gentleman's case, a silhouette of Donald Trump's hair with the word "Trump" beneath it.

Step 2: Use another Plinko board to determine which of your body parts is about to be ruined forever.

Tramp stamp it is!

Step 3: Walk away as the proud owner of a "Trump" stamp.

Step 4: Explain to all your friends the profound significance of your new tat.

This lucky man walked away with a tasteful portrait of Jar Jar Binks on his arm.

And this young lad got those award-winning "Crazy Town" lyrics...

🎶 Come my lady, come come, my lady 🎶

...right on top of his heart.

So beautiful.

There were Home Improvement tats...

And pre-emptive Bob Barker memorial tats.

One woman even got the Emmy Award trophy with True Detective Season 2...

...tattooed on her bottom dollar.

Tattoos FTW!

Watch the full video here.

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