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    Here’s Exactly How To Decide Which Body Part To Tattoo Next

    Because the pros told us so.

    1. Figure out if balance means anything to you.

    2. If you're thinking of getting a color tattoo, you may want to avoid exposed areas that get a lot of sun.

    3. If you have a low pain tolerance, avoid tattooing areas of the body that are really ticklish to you.

    4. You also might want to avoid tattooing any joints.

    5. If you're looking for a low-maintenance tattoo, avoid your hands and feet.

    6. For an easy tattoo spot, try the bicep.

    7. If you want a vertically designed tattoo, let the shape determine placement.

    8. The same idea goes for a horizontal tattoo.

    9. If you have a lot of freckles, know that they'll show through lighter colors.

    10. Think about whether or not your current and ~foreseeable~ career path is down with tattoos.

    Happy ~tatting~.