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    24 Surprising Facts About Kylie Jenner That'll Make You Go "Hmmmm"

    Her middle name is...Kristen?

    @kingkylie / Alison Caporimo

    1. Kylie was a cheerleader in high school. She and Kendall were actually on the same squad, until Kylie left to be homeschooled.

    2. Kris got drunk and had Kendall and Kylie’s names tattooed on her during an episode of KUWTK, but said she “didn’t have space” for the names of her four other kids. RUDE.

    3. In 2011, Kylie earned $100,000 just for letting OPI name a nail polish line after her and Kendall. According to HuffPost, the girls had to “attend a one-day photo shoot and a one-day media tour, as well as tweet and blog about the polishes on their own time.”


    4. Kylie was just 9 when the show KUWTK was commissioned.

    5. And she's spoken out about not wanting to be famous. In fact, in the latest season of KUWTK, Kylie admitted to Kim and Kourtney that she “really feels deep down inside” that she isn’t “supposed to be famous.”

    6. The first episode of KUWTK caused a serious uproar because it featured a 10-year-old Kylie pole dancing in her parents’ bedroom.


    7. Kylie's favorite emoji is the party horn. "I use it all the time," she said.

    8. Kylie's middle name is Kristen.

    9. Tyga publicly declared his love for Kylie in the summer of 2015 when she was 17 years old.

    10. For her 18th birthday, Tyga bought Kylie a red Mercedes SUV. But according to reports, the car may have initially belonged to Tyga's ex-girlfriend Blac Chyna. The license plate matched the number Blac Chyna once drove, so it's believed that he simply had the car repainted and then re-gifted.

    11. Kylie texts Khloe about four times a week, and it's usually to ask her about food. According to Khloe, the conversation usually goes like this: "Okay, that turkey burger, how does it work?"

    12. Kylie hates chocolate cake. But she loves chocolate.

    13. Kylie doesn't like public speaking. Once, during a school presentation, Kylie was so nervous that she said, "My favorite food is soccer and basketball."

    14. Kylie keeps a copy of Tyga's mugshot framed in her house — it's beneath a photograph of her grandmother.

    15. Kylie's fave restaurant to frequent with Tyga is Mr. Chow. "We eat a lot," she said on her app. "I've gained like 15 lbs since I started hanging out with you [Tyga]. Doughnut holes and Hot Cheetos, Cheetos puffs, popcorn."

    16. Other than Mr. Chow, her favorite restaurants in LA are Sugar Fish and Casa Vega.

    17. Kylie reads all of her Instagram comments. If she sees too many negative ones, she deletes the photo and reposts it.

    18. People usually compare her to Kim, but Kylie thinks she’s most similar to Khloe and Rob. Khloe is her go-to for “boy and family advice.”

    19. It takes Kylie about two hours to finish her full-face makeup look.

    20. To get the best selfies on the damn planet, Kylie actually bought a selfie light off of eBay. She says it has a reflective umbrella over an extremely bright white bulb to get a glowy look.

    21. Kylie has a large scar on her leg that she got while playing as kid. “When I was about five, my sister and I were playing hide-and-seek, and I hid inside this really tall-enclosed gate. After a while when my sister didn’t find me I had to climb up on this sharp pole sticking out from the gate. I slipped and the pole went into my leg. I tried pulling away to get the pole out but it just tore through my whole leg,” she said in a fan Q&A.

    22. In spring break of 2010, a fan chased Kylie through a hotel in Miami and she had to lock herself in one of the backrooms of the hotel and wait for a security guard to rescue her.

    23. Kylie says that if she weren't famous, she'd be a makeup artist. "I love doing my friends' makeup," she said.

    24. Kylie doesn't talk a ton on Snapchat because she thinks it's awkward. "I'm not really myself on social media," she said in an interview. "I'm weird."

    Stay fab, Kylie.

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