Guys, The Most Magical Eyeshadow Palette Ever Is FINALLY HERE

    Accio, eyeshadow.

    Do you love all things ~witchcraft~ and *wizardry*?

    So get ready for the most M.A.G.I.C.A.L eyeshadow palette to come out of Storybook Cosmetics...

    Meet the Wizardry and Witchcraft Eyeshadow Palette.

    The palette features 12 highly pigmented shades that include mattes, metallics, and pearl finishes.

    And the longwear formula looks more buttery than Butterbeer.

    Mix a bunch of colors together for a makeup look that'll leave you ready for the Yule Ball.

    The cutest part: The palette packaging resembles a life-size book of fairy tales.

    The palette will be released for a limited presale on Feb. 24 at 12 p.m. ET.

    Makeup = magic.