This New Starbucks Drink Is Basically Butterbeer

Accio venti.

1. Does your mouth salivate at the thought of salty, sweet, frothy, creamy caramel butterbeer?

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I would say “yes” except my mouth is now full of my own saliva.

2. Then you have to try Starbucks’ new limited-edition Smoked Butterscotch Latte.


“It combines Starbucks full-bodied espresso with steamed milk and smoked butterscotch sauce, finished with a sprinkling of smoky butterscotch sugar,” a Starbucks spokesperson told BuzzFeed.


@pottermemories / Via Twitter: @Potter_Memories

The drink was launched on February 16 in participating Starbucks stores in the U.S. and Canada.

4. People flocked to their local SBux to get a taste of this ~magical~ new beverage.

@amandamaeboo / Via Twitter: @Amandamaeboo

Of course, the drink contains coffee, which is NOT an ingredient in classic butterbeer. (To hack the recipe, consider asking for no espresso so it’s all just milky latte goodness.)

5. The results: Some people LOVED it.

@AnnaMuckenfuss / Via Twitter: @AnnaMuckenfuss

8. For others, not so much.

@MrBrianORL / Via Twitter: @MrBrianORL

9. For @ttanya_k, it tasted like “a waste of money and broken dreams.”

@ttanya_k / Via Twitter: @ttanya_k


10. You’ll just have to try it for yourself.

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