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    18 More Ways To DIY A Fleshlight Than The World Ever Asked For

    Pringles can + latex glove + sponges = endless possibilities.

    If you search for guy DIY projects online, you'll stumble upon a collection of homemade Fleshlights.

    Alison Caporimo

    And the innovation is truly amazing.

    Here are a few ways to make a faux orifice (also, + lube for all of these)...

    1. Sponges + latex glove + Pringles container

    Miles Klee; the Kernel / Via

    You'll “never ever need a girl again,” the homemade Fleshlight-like inventor promises. Because a human being is basically a can of chips. Learn more about this here.

    2. A hollowed-out cucumber + duct tape + rubber bands

    You can find the full tutorial on the "Build a Vagina" website.

    3. Plastic tennis ball container + rubber kitchen glove + a box of Magnum XL lubricated condoms + thick rubber bands + a diaper + a permanent marker

    This sounds like building a bomb.

    4. Latex glove + two sponges + tall cup

    If you've ever been curious about Smurf role-play.

    5. Corn starch + water

    Science fair procrastination at its best.

    6. Sponges + bottle with top cut off + bubble wrap + tape

    Now you can pop bubble wrap and masturbate at the same time.

    7. KFC chicken wings bucket + toilet paper tube + latex glove + tape

    Add warm popcorn to the bucket for a very "realistic" experience.

    8. A roll of toilet paper + a condom

    Re-create your favorite bathroom sex scene with this sensual roll.

    9. Socks + a latex glove + rubber bands + two belts + towels

    "It's easy to grab onto."

    10. Towel + latex glove + rubber bands + belt

    This is called the "prison fefe." Yes, this was invented in jail.

    11. Tall bottle with top cut off + latex glove + rubber kitchen glove + two hair ties + small towel

    This tutorial is entitled: How to Make the Best Vagina at Home. I'm just going to leave that there.

    12. Pipe insulation + bubble wrap + rubber bands

    "Any design using this material must not solely rely on the foam to form the flesh," says the inventor.

    13. Four balloons + duct tape + latex glove + thermos

    Happy birthday to you.

    14. Latex glove + all the air in your lungs

    DIY a hand-held butt.

    15. Stuffing from a pillow + plastic bottle + condom + scissors + a lighter

    That pillow didn't deserve this.

    16. PVC pipe + cotton + condom

    A Pinterest-friendly version.

    17. Sealable bag + rubber bands + couch

    Take your relationship with the couch to the next level.

    18. A banana peel + your conscience

    "Arguably there is no real cost to this one as you can eat the banana first," a wise man once said.

    Disclaimer: We can't guarantee that these are healthy or safe so DIY at your own risk.