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15 Drag Queens Who Look Better Than The Real Things

So pretty it hurts.

1. OMG. I just saw Britney Spears.

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Scott Gries / Getty

Nope. That was Tatiana.


World of Wonder
Lester Cohen / Getty

"Thanks," says Chad Michaels.

3. Son of a NUTCRACKER! Judge Judy is sitting right behind you!

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CBS Photo Archive / Getty

Actually, that's Bianca del Rio.

4. Shut. Up. It's Nicki Minaj.

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Getty / John Parra

Wrong. That's Trinity K. Bonet.

5. Pink! Can you sign my face?!

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No, but maybe Morgan McMichaels can.

6. Alicia Keys, I loved you in The Nanny Diaries!

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Peter Kramer / Stringer / Getty

::Alexis Mateo runs away.::


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Please stop screaming that at Courtney Act.

8. Little Edie, I love your work!

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Hulton Archive / Getty

Fooled again by Jinkx Monsoon.

9. "Oh Mahatma Gandhi, that Kimora Lee Simmons..."

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Steve Granitz / Getty

Nope. Just Jujubee killing it.

10. Can I get a selfie with you, Paris?

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"Sure," Raven says.

11. Kill. Me. Jessica Simpson?

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Totally Willam.

12. My grandmother would commit homicide for Carol Channing.

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Would she do it for Pandora Boxx?

13. Anna Nicole Smith, you are my spirit animal.

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Barry King / Getty

"Thanks," says Adore Delano

14. Yasssss, Maggie Smith, yassss.

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Or BenDeLaCreme just running the world.

15. For all that is holy...That's Paula Deen.

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NBC / Getty

Did you mean "Darienne Lake"?