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    These Teen Café Workers Prayed With A Woman Who Just Lost Her Husband And It'll Give You All The Feels

    Cue all the ~feels~.

    Meet 19-year-old Peirce Dunn, a barista at Dutch Bros. drive-thru coffee stand in Vancouver, Washington.

    Peirce Dunn

    Dunn, who has worked morning shifts at Dutch Bros. for six months, came into work last Friday for a busy afternoon shift.

    "When the line gets really long, we'll send someone out to take customers' orders ahead of time," Dunn told BuzzFeed.

    Linda-Lovin Life L. / Via

    "When my co-worker Haley got back from outside, she said that we had a car with a woman who had just lost her husband and that she seemed really upset," he said. "Once she got to the window, it was clear that she had been crying."

    So Dunn and two of his co-workers stopped and prayed with her while a woman in the car behind them took this photo.

    Barbara Danner

    "I gave her a drink for free and a few gift cards so that she could come back if she needed anything," Dunn said. "Then, I asked her if she minded if I prayed for her, and I was planning on praying for her when I got home, but then one of my other co-workers reached out through the window and grabbed her hand." Dunn quickly reached out, as did another co-worker, Evan Freeman. "I asked for peace for her, her family, and her husband's family," he said. They prayed together for three minutes.

    "At that point we were all in tears," Dunn said. "I went home that night and told my parents about this incredible thing that happened." Dunn had no idea that anyone had captured the moment until Saturday. "I saw the photo getting shared online and I thought it was so nice," franchise owner Jessica Chudekits told BuzzFeed. "But then I started studying the photo and I recognized Peirce and Evan and the background and I realized it was my own store!"

    "It was emotional to see the photo," Dunn said. "But the picture doesn't do the moment justice."

    Barbara Danner

    "The woman was very grateful that there were three people who just cared," Dunn said. "If you can bring yourself to understand what someone else is going through, you can show them kindness and make an impact on the world."

    Since the event, other Dutch Bros. customers have brought gifts and items to donate to the anonymous woman when she comes back through the drive-thru.

    As for Dunn, it's a moment he'll never forget. "She's still in my prayers," Dunn said.