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    23 Stunningly Delicate Tattoo Sleeves That Are Beyond Dreamy

    Full, half, and partial sleeves to make you drool.

    1. This lush magical sleeve:

    2. This flourishing tat:

    3. This whimsical air and water theme:

    4. This delicate solar system:

    5. This eye-catching geometric look:

    6. This dainty floral arrangement:

    7. This mesmerizing seascape:

    8. This sweet and shaded beauty:

    9. This strikingly shaded peacock motif:

    10. This blooming piece of art:

    11. This sweet spring-inspired sleeve:

    12. This eclectic but light mix:

    13. This magical showstopper:

    14. This in-process mandala look:

    15. This lovely negative space arrangement:

    16. This unforgettable quarter sleeve:

    17. This lightly lined portrait:

    18. This geometric stunner:

    19. This vibrant floral burst:

    20. This darling bouquet:

    21. These lovely quarter-sleeve blooms:

    22. This tribal honeycomb stunner:

    23. This whimsical look: