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These Two Pre-Teen Girls Doing Hip Hop Is A Damn Work Of Art

Two hours of choreo and then they SLAY.

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This insane choreography by Antoine Troupe is a freaking *masterpiece*.

View this video on YouTube / Via

Dancers Taylor Hatala, 12, and Kyndall Harris, 13, are the COOLEST pre-teens on the whole damn planet. Plus, this cinematography by Tim Milgram is so badass.

Troupe choreographed this dance on the spot and — IN 2 HOURS TIME —Hatala and Harris had it ON POINT. / Via

"Taylor and Kyndall would take my class occasionally," Troupe — who teaches at Millennium Dance Complex in L.A. — told BuzzFeed. "They were on break recently from their tour with Janet Jackson and their parents asked if we could do something fun, so I told the girls to pick a song."


Troupe's favorite moment in the dance: This Milly Rock ~action~. / Via

He described it as: "When everything slows down for a minute and they're swaying side-to-side with crazy faces and it looks like they're churning butter." Perfection.