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    These Two Pre-Teen Girls Doing Hip Hop Is A Damn Work Of Art

    Two hours of choreo and then they SLAY.

    This insane choreography by Antoine Troupe is a freaking *masterpiece*.

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    Dancers Taylor Hatala, 12, and Kyndall Harris, 13, are the COOLEST pre-teens on the whole damn planet. Plus, this cinematography by Tim Milgram is so badass.

    Troupe choreographed this dance on the spot and — IN 2 HOURS TIME —Hatala and Harris had it ON POINT.

    The next day, the girls came into the studio for an hour to film.

    "They're just so talented," Troupe said. "They make everything look amazing and it inspires you to create more."

    Not to mention: THOSE FACES.

    Troupe's favorite moment in the dance: This Milly Rock ~action~.


    Need more awesome choreo? I totally get it.

    Here are two more shot by Tim Milgram: Missy Elliott's "WTF" and Beyoncé's "Formation."