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    Here's The Epic Road Trip That Lets You Spend The Whole Year In 70-Degree Weather

    Hack Mother Nature.

    Whether you love road trips ...

    Or you just have an evolved ~appreciation~ for hella good weather.

    Get ready to book the travel adventure of your dreams.

    Why? Because there is now a road trip that follows 70-degree weather all around the country.

    The epic road trip starts on January 1 in sunny Texas.

    After your Texas tour, drive on over to the Oklahoma border for April 1.

    And wind up in D.C. by the end of the month.

    Then, travel through Pittsburgh and Chicago through the month of May.

    And end up in northern Wisconsin on June 1st.

    Next leg: Hug the northern states, drive through central Wyoming, and then relax near Denver, Colorado.

    When September arrives, hit South Dakota and Nebraska.

    For the month of November, make your way from Las Cruces, New Mexico, to Arizona—then on to Las Vegas and L.A.

    To finish off your 70-degree stunt: Chill in San Diego, California for the month of December and DGAF.

    The result: 365 days of short sleeves, no socks, and having a dewy glow without the chub rub.

    Happy driving!