There’s A Place Where You Can Ride Falkor From “The NeverEnding Story”

Magic is real.

1. Is Falkor your dream BFF?

Warner Bros. / Via

Well isn’t he just damn magical.

2. Then book a trip to the Bavaria Film Studios to see where all The NeverEnding Story movie props LIVE ON FOR ALL TIME.

Bavaria Films / Via

That’s right. Visit the studio in Munich, Germany, and YOU CAN RIDE FALKOR IN FRONT OF A GREEN SCREEN WITH A FAN BLOWING AND THEN BUY A VIDEO OF THE EVENT. Plus, all of the other original props are there.

3. You can also see Rock Biter.

Bavaria Films / Via

Her’s much less intimidating in person than he is in the movie.

4. And Morla.

Bavaria Films

Look at that wise ancient face.

5. And the Sphinxes’ Gate.

David Luong / Via

Let’s hope you can solve their riddle.

6. They even have the racing snail.

Bavaria Films

Look at that little saddle!

7. Which they apparently keep outside??

Bavaria Films / Via

Oh, Bavaria.

8. Make it happen, people.

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