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    43 Stunning Rose Gold Engagement Rings That Will Leave You Speechless

    Whether you're looking for a traditional or alternative ring.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a small share of sales from the links on this page.

    1. This oval-cut morganite ring.

    2. This circular white topaz ring.

    3. This precious aquamarine ring.

    4. This vintage-inspired rose gold ring.

    5. This floral-inspired moissanite ring.

    6. This beautiful and simple pear-shaped pearl ring.

    7. This raw purple diamond trio ring.

    8. This shimmery peach morganite ring:

    9. This elegantly modern black diamond ring.

    10. This brushed moissanite ring.

    11. This sparkly and subtle diamond ring.

    12. This glittery raw diamond.

    13. This memorable black diamond ring.

    14. This clean round cut diamond ring with bezel diamonds.

    15. This rose gold leaf and diamond eternity ring.

    16. This hammered unisex rose gold band.

    17. This freshwater pearl ring.

    18. This elegant, vintage-inspired ring.

    19. This pale green beryl gemstone ring.

    20. This infinity pearl ring.

    21. This delicate geometric ring.

    22. This classic diamond ring.

    23. This rosy, round morganite ring.

    24. This 14k rose gold diamond engagement ring and wedding band set.

    25. This breathtaking double-halo pear diamond ring.

    26. This classic emerald-cut moissanite beauty.

    27. This blushing marquise-cut morganite ring.

    28. This brilliant diamond-encrusted rose gold ring:

    29. This striking topaz rose gold ring.

    30. This curved cluster rose gold diamond ring.

    31. This peachy morganite ring.

    32. This black diamond stunner.

    33. This modern, gleaming Moissanite ring.

    34. This modern, gleaming Moissanite ring.

    35. This French-inspired cluster ring of white diamonds.

    36. This classic, timeless diamond ring.

    37. This nature-inspired rose quartz ring.

    38. This ethereal rose gold moonstone ring.

    39. This deco pale blue moonstone ring.

    40. This shimmering morganite ring set.

    41. This sky blue topaz solitaire ring.

    42. This milky moonstone engagement ring and band set.

    43. This high-shine unisex rose gold band.

    44. This white sapphire ring surrounded by diamond-encurusted leaves.

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