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19 Engagement Ring Diagrams That Will Make Your Life Easier

From diamonds to gemstones to simple bands and beyond.

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3. Check out even more carats on the average female hand.

While carat is used to refer to the diamond's size, it actually refers to the gem's weight. Two diamonds can weigh the same, but appear to be two different sizes, depending on how they're cut.


8. Know that a diamond ring's price is mainly determined by the four C's (carat, color, cut, and clarity).

To save money, prioritize what's more important (like a really clean cut or incredible clarity).

9. Determine the perfect color.

The clearer or more colorless the diamond, the more expensive it will be. But a slightly tinged stone could have a nice vintage look. And fancy yellow diamonds are growing in popularity.


13. Learn the different codes for a diamond's clarity.

This is the part where they hand you that cool monocle-type thing to look at the stone. But now you know what you're looking for!


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