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19 Insanely Cozy Accessories That Will Make You Never Want To Leave Your Bed

Why spoon with a human when you can spoon with a fuzzy puppy-shaped pillow?

1. This plush puppy pillow—$42

2. This jersey comforter that feels like a soft tee for your entire body—$169

3. These magical string lights—$28

4. This cuddly penguin onesie—$31.95

5. This Mongolian faux fur pillow—$14.99

6. This shaggy faux fur robe that you could totes wear out of the house—$45.50

7. This soft jacquard throw—$9.99

8. This fuzzy chenille bedding—$129

9. This oversized sleep shirt that totally gets your cozy priorities—$9.99

10. This super soft cable knit pillow—$49

11. These fluffy unicorn slippers—$20.40

12. These faux sheepskin pillows—$25.50

13. This faux fur throw—$79

14. This utterly perfect log pillow—$19.99

15. This waffled thermal blanket—$89

16. This super cozy hooded robe—$35.50

17. This velvet pintuck pillow—$39

18. These soft, knee-high slippers—$22

19. Or just get a massive pillow blanket.

Get ready to get ~cozy~.