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    People Are Getting Constellation Piercings And The Results Are Stellar

    When you wish upon a *stud*...

    1. ~*~Constellation piercings~*~ consist of a collection of small earrings placed like stars around your earlobe.

    @pampervanglos / Via

    Jewelry is usually delicate to maintain the ~cosmos~ effect.

    2. Some people scatter their piercings like stars in the sky.

    @piercingsbyrachel / Via


    3. And some opt for tiny opal earrings that feel like galaxies within a galaxy.

    @style_is_golden_ / Via

    Milky Way magic, anyone?

    4. Some piercings are staggered...

    @bentauber / Via

    Star light, star bright, the first star I see tonight...

    5. While others line up to create an Orion's Belt effect.

    @katswanton / Via


    6. Constellation CLUSTER, anyone?

    @brookebittenspiercing / Via

    Yes, please.

    7. While some amp up the colors...

    @pandaachuu / Via


    8. Others stick to shimmering diamonds.

    @grazieleraiza / Via

    They do twinkle like stars.

    9. You can experiment with some *hidden* stars in your constellation...

    @brookebittenspiercing / Via

    Like these two piercings in the inner conch.

    10. Or you can go minimal yet bold with a trio.

    oksana13uvarova / Via

    Totally stargazing on this one.