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15 Baby Pacifiers That Are So Wrong They're Right

Suckers that definitely don't suck.

1. This Tom Selleck-inspired accessory:

Get the DIY here.

2. Or this class act:

3. This Kylie Jenner lookalike:

Buy it here ($4).

4. This grill...I mean...girl:

shampu19 / Via

Buy it here ($7).

5. This dapper young gent:

6. This sweet little smile:

Buy it here ($5).

7. Check out this Lestat:

Buy it here ($5).

8. Or this luscious Rihanna pout:

Get it here ($12).

9. Or this tiny one:

Buy it here ($10).

10. Look at this lumberfant:

Buy it here ($14).

11. Or maybe curly hair runs in the family.

Buy it here ($14).

12. Or maybe a ginger beard is in order.

Buy it here ($14).

13. Pornstache, anyone?

Buy it here ($11).

14. This motorcyclist:

Buy it here ($10).

15. And, finally, this sucker that will definitely NOT haunt your dreams:[BC]+[PLA]+(Shopping)-Teeth-116054014335-197571&kpid=197571&gclid=CMqs-5PlwcUCFQcRHwodWX4AIg

Buy it here ($6).

~Don't let the bed bugs bite~

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