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31 Ways You Can Reorganize Your Life With Dollar Store Stuff

Spring cleaning just got interesting.

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3. Keep your favorite nail polish colors in a spice rack.

Now, you probably can't fit all of your colors in there, but use a spice rack to display your seasonal inspiration. Or leave out the colors you want to wear more of.

6. Keep makeup in a binder.

When you travel, open the binder locks and pull out the bag you need. Organize bags by themes (like everyday makeup, evening makeup, etc.) so you have everything all in one place.


13. Use dollar-store pizza pans for on-the-wall magnetic storage.

Magnets have found a new home (besides the fridge). Put them in your kid's room to keep them inspired. Learn how to make them here.


17. Use a mesh laundry bag to hold toys kids like to play with at the beach.

That way you're not scrambling around day-of the outing gathering up toys to take with you. Just grab the bag and go.

20. Use velcro and office trays to organize your drawers.

To keep trays from moving around when you open the drawer, stick adhesive Velcro tabs to tray and drawer bottoms so that each container has a sturdy spot. Learn how to make this here.


23. Hang a second bar in the closet for your sweaters or your kid's clothes.

If you're hanging folded-over pants or skirts on a high rod (with a lot of space beneath it), hang a second rod to double up on closet space. You can do this for kids' closets, too. Get the tutorial here.


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