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15 Noncommittal Ways To Change Your Hair

Because you don't have to be monogamous with your bangs.

1. Slick it all back.

2. Dip-dye your hair with Kool-Aid.

3. Create a faux bob.

4. Fake pretty layers.

5. Change up your part.

6. Slick natural hair into a high ponytail.

7. Flatiron your braids for instant waves.

8. DIY your bangs.

9. Use chalk that's made for your hair.

10. Get a gloss.

11. Try the wet look.

12. Experiment with clip-ins.

13. Curl hair in different directions for added volume.

14. Add a few strategically-placed highlights.

"Sometimes all you need is a couple lighter pieces around your face and a few pieces painted on the mid-lengths through the ends to add some life and dimension to drab color," Symonds says.

15. Try just a few streaks of bold color.

"I usually recommend placing bold colors on the ends or on strands of hair that will peak out from underneath," says Symonds. Or do bold streaks of color with extensions.