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15 Noncommittal Ways To Change Your Hair

Because you don't have to be monogamous with your bangs.


Want a new look without a major cut or color? Try cheating on your style with one of these game-changers...

1. Slick it all back.

"I recommend using L'Oreal Elnett Satin Hairspray for hold and, for spray-on shine, I love Aveda Brilliant or L'Oreal Professionnel Perfect Shimmer," hair stylist Ted Gibson tells BuzzFeed Life.

2. Dip-dye your hair with Kool-Aid.

"If you want more of a semi-permanent color, you can mix Kool-Aid with conditioner and place it on lighter strands so it will stain the hair temporarily and last a few washes," celebrity hairstylist Christine Symonds tells BuzzFeed Life. Her clients include Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting and Scarlett Johansson. Get the tutorial here. Keep in mind that this tends to look best on blonde hair!

3. Create a faux bob.

There are a few different techniques for this. Gibson recommends wrapping an elastic a quarter way up from the ends of your hair, twisting your hair underneath, and pinning it.

4. Fake pretty layers.

To do this, according to Gibson, use your hand to comb all of your hair over to one side of your face. Since half of your strands are laying across your head to fall on the other side, they will look shorter.

5. Change up your part.

"A center part can give a rounder face a more angular appearance," says Gibson. "Meanwhile, a deep side part can bring more focus to the eyes."

6. Slick natural hair into a high ponytail.

If you always wear your hair down, mix it up a bit. "Natural hair is ideal for creating a slicked back ponytail with amazing texture," says Symonds. Watch the full tutorial here.

7. Flatiron your braids for instant waves.

"I love creating quick texture by running a flat iron over braided dry hair," says Symonds. Let cool and then shake it out for quick waves. Get the full tutorial here.

8. DIY your bangs.

"I do this trick with clients who have long hair where I pull their hair up into a high ponytail and wrap the hair around the ponytail so that the ends fall on the forehead to create bangs," celebrity hairstylist Sunnie Brook tells BuzzFeed Life. Another option: While making a bun, leave about 3 inches of hair laying on the top of your head. Comb and style into bangs. See the full tutorial here.

9. Use chalk that's made for your hair.

"Kevin Murphy and Bumble and Bumble both make colored hair chalks so that you can play with temporary shades," according to Symonds. Here, the blogger of TESSTED uses the Kevin Murphy Color Bug. Note that it can be much easier to apply these to blonde hair.

10. Get a gloss.

"Glosses can give you great shine that will only last a few shampoos, which makes it totally noncommittal," says Gibson. "A gloss is different from a dye because it stains the hair without penetrating the follicle."

11. Try the wet look.

"If I'm going for the wet look, I use a combination of oil and gel," celebrity hairstylist Clariss Rubenstein tells BuzzFeed Life. "I use a little too much oil at first to make the hair look wet (this also keeps the gel from penetrating the hair and making it stiff), then I apply gel to help the hair stay in place."

12. Experiment with clip-ins.

They can do anything: make you hair longer, fuller, layered, highlighted, and more. "I always do clip-on bangs for my celebrity clients," says Rubenstein, who works with celebrities like Mindy Kaling and January Jones. "They are photographed constantly on the red carpet, but they can’t commit to a major change." Get the full tutorial here.

13. Curl hair in different directions for added volume.

"That way the curls or waves stack on top of each other, creating an illusion of fullness," says Brook.

14. Add a few strategically-placed highlights.

"Sometimes all you need is a couple lighter pieces around your face and a few pieces painted on the mid-lengths through the ends to add some life and dimension to drab color," Symonds says.

15. Try just a few streaks of bold color.


"I usually recommend placing bold colors on the ends or on strands of hair that will peak out from underneath," says Symonds. Or do bold streaks of color with extensions.