32 Insanely Sparkly Engagement Rings That Don't Use A Single Diamond

    Moissanite is a girl's best friend.

    1. This feather band moissanite ring:

    2. This 3-stone white sapphire ring:

    3. This statement white topaz ring:

    4. This stunning moissanite halo engagement ring:

    5. This 3-stone white sapphire twig engagement ring:

    6. This jaw-dropping princess-cut moissanite ring:

    7. This sterling silver cubic zirconia engagement ring:

    8. This double rope rose gold moissanite ring:

    9. This modern, gleaming moissanite ring:

    10. This simple and shimmery large-cut white sapphire engagement ring:

    11. This classic white sapphire engagement ring:

    12. This pear-cut moissanite stunner made from recycled 14k gold:

    13. This memorable moissanite trio:

    14. This delicate rose gold moissanite engagement ring:

    15. This stunning white sapphire ring flanked by 70 little white sapphires:

    16. This sparkling 14k gold moissanite ring:

    17. This white gold engagement ring with a glittering white topaz stone:

    18. This brilliant princess-cut moissanite engagement ring:

    19. This white sapphire halo ring flanked by 33 mini white sapphires:

    20. This nature-inspired white sapphire engagement ring:

    21. This head-turning 3-stone moissanite ring:

    22. This glittery nature-inspired moissanite ring:

    23. This romantic clear topaz engagement ring:

    24. This timeless moissanite engagement ring:

    25. This delicate all-moissanite ring that feature nine glittering stones:

    26. This eye-catching marquise moissanite ring:

    27. This floral-inspired moissanite ring:

    28. This minimalist 14k rose gold moissanite engagement ring:

    29. This vintage 14k gold and cubic zirconia cluster stunner:

    30. This brilliant marquise-cut moissanite ring:

    31. This glittering round cubic zirconia engagement ring:

    32. This striking grey moissanite twig engagement ring: