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    Sep 23, 2015

    These Dads Working Out With Their Babies Prove That Fitness Is Forever

    Babies are the new gym accessory.

    When dudes become dads, getting to the gym can be tricky.

    There's just not enough hours in the day.

    And why lift weights when you can lift BABIES.

    Alison Caporimo
    Alison Caporimo

    Given the option between the two, babies sure do sound like a lot more fun.

    So parenting website Fatherly compiled videos of dads working out with their wee offspring.

    There are hardcore upper body exercises.

    And rigorous core workouts.

    And intense chest circuits.

    The cutest 17 pounds you'll ever lift.

    There are even moves to make sure you don't miss leg day.

    Sorry, dad. You're not getting out of this one.

    Some dads opt for ~equipment~.

    Like this attachable high chair free weight.

    And others just work with their body weight.

    Plus a few extra baby pounds.

    No dad bods here.

    These dads are hardcore.

    Disclaimer: These aren't real workouts, so don't replace your fitness regimen with child-lifting. And be careful with your babies.

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