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    21 Photos That Prove Why Women Live Longer Than Men

    RIP, dudes.

    1. This curious man:

    2. This man who just wants to understand how things work:

    3. This guy who's testing the laws of gravity:

    4. And this one, too:

    5. These guys who are learning about fireworks:

    6. This man who wants to know how long he is:

    7. And this one who just doesn't know:

    8. Sometimes the quest for knowledge is unclear.

    9. This man who is taking DIY to a whole new level:

    10. This teen who likes to experiment in the kitchen:

    11. These innovators:

    12. And these sun-beaten problem-solvers:

    13. This man who wants to show you precisely how it's done:

    14. And this one:

    15. This one too:

    16. This man who just wants to show off his landing skills:

    17. This young man who is willing to go the extra mile for his art:

    18. And these men who will risk their lives in the name of ~science~:

    19. Not to mention these guys who MUST WIN:

    20. And while women can do dumb shit too...

    21. We'll let the guys be the victors of this one.