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Jan 14, 2015

These Gloves Turn Anyone Into A Talented Musician

And we have Imogen Heap to thank.

Imogen Heap engineered gloves that turn your movements into music.

These magic gloves—called gloves— contain sensors, buzzers, and buttons that send information wirelessly back to computer software that translates gesture into sound.

And they look pretty cute, too.

The Grammy Award-winning musician got inspired for the idea after meeting musical glove engineer Elly Jessop during a visit to MIT's Media Lab in 2009, according to CNN.

Here is Heap air-drumming.

She rocked them in her music video for "Me The Machine".

And here she is air-piano-ing.

She uses them in her studio to move and make music simultaneously.

Ariana Grande seems hooked on them.

She sang with them and her life seemed pretty changed. She even ordered her own gloves to bring on tour next year, the Mi.Mu team told CNN.

And you might even be able to get your own pair!

According to the Mi.Mu website, "the team is working hard to make this technology available to the public at artist friendly prices!" WOOT!

Watch the full video of Ariana making music with them here!

View this video on YouTube

Way cool.

And watch Heap demo exactly how they work here.

View this video on YouTube

So cool.

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