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The #Mombod Trend Is Finally Here

#Dadbod is so yesterday.

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But women began Tweeting feelings of their own.

Ain't supporting a #dadbod until there is an equal craze over #MOMBOD bc men cannot glorify beer bellies and demand trophy wives

Waiting for #mombod to start trending. Can't wait until the media tells me I can start loving my body now, the way it is.

And, after this call to action, the Internet responded.

Introducing: the Mombod

Women have started posting photos of their bodies to Instagram with the hashtag #mombod.


Some mombods have had children.

"This is a Mombod," one Instagram user captions. "This is a body that has gone through the rigors of childbirth."

And others haven't.

Obvi you don't have to be a dad to have a dadbod.

And these bodies are beautiful.

How amazing is it that this body brought a baby into the world?

There are goddesses in our midsts.

And they don't need to change a thing.