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This Lacy Men's Lingerie Exists And It Will Give You All The Feels

Mengerie all day.

Lingerie isn't just for the ladies.

Because when you combine men and lingerie...


Mengerie is the poetry in a man's wardrobe.

Why? Because maybe they want to leave little to the imagination.

Or they're dying to dip into lavish lace.

Perhaps they'd prefer to look effortlessly cute and playful.

Or a tough day at the office means they want to slip into something a little more ~comfortable~.

There are lacy mengerie tops...

And flirty mesh bottoms...

And sexy outfits that will make the world DROOL.

Now, is lace comfortable on your junk? HELL NO.

But the ladies have been doing it for years.

Woman up!

Mengerie for all.

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