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The Internet Is Freaking Out Over This Woman's Shirt


Lauren Clark was on her way to this show:

This is the Electric Forest Festival in Rothburg, Michigan.

When she, her sister, and their boyfriends stopped here:

This is the Super 8 in North Ridgeville, Ohio, where they all crashed for one night.

One *fateful* night...


Lauren Clark

"When my sister was walking down the hallway, she turned to talk to me, and she couldn't see the top half of me," Clark told BuzzFeed Life. "I blended in with the walls."


Lauren Clark

Clark had bought the shirt at Ross in NYC. "In this moment, gloriousness was discovered and couldn't go without documentation," she said.

She texted the photo to a friend who posted it to Imgur...

Very wise.

And the comments started rolling in:

Personal fave: "Does your friend also contain a swimming pool?"

Then the picture was posted on Facebook, and people started sharing photos of the times THEY MATCHED WITH HOTELS, TOO.

The nerve of that banquette.


That booth should get punched in the face.


Arrest that carpet.


Alison Caporimo

Sorry for the pathetic Photoshop.