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    Men Are Sharing Photos Of Their Nails Using The Hashtag #Malepolish

    Man manis FTW.

    A few months ago, designer Marc Jacobs started posting selfies of his dark manicures with the hashtag #malepolish.

    And the trend has really picked up.

    Some men prefer one sleek color...

    While others opt for nail art.

    Some guys geek out over finding the ~perfect~ polish.

    And other guys go for a classic black lacquer and then flaunt it at the gym.

    There are guys who prefer talons.

    And there are other guys who keep it short and simple.

    Some guys love to show off their manis with cigarettes.

    And other guys rock their manis with teddy bear phone cases.

    Beauty noobs experiment with polish...

    And so do beauty experts.

    As long as it feels good on ya, keep doing it!

    Man manis? Yes, please.