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    Gigi Hadid's 16-Year-Old Brother Just Got A Modeling Contract

    Gene pool ~goals~.

    The Hadid family genes are STRONG.

    And while Gigi and Bella have their modeling careers to show for it, their little bro is about to join the ranks.

    That's right — 16-year-old Anwar Hadid just signed his first modeling contract with IMG Models.

    David Cunningham, Vice President for IMG, posted a photo of Anwar to his Instagram to announce the news.

    And the kid's definitely got some ~raw~ talent.

    To start, he has those DREAMY Hadid eyes.

    And he can definitely find his light.

    And there's a chance his signature ~lewk~ might involve covering his face with his left hand.

    He loves that hand.

    LOVES. IT.

    Either way, he's basically a male version of Gigi.

    Now it's time to kill it on the catwalk.