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    Gigi Hadid's 16-Year-Old Brother Just Got A Modeling Contract

    Gene pool ~goals~.

    The Hadid family genes are STRONG.

    Dimitrios Kambouris / Via Getty


    And while Gigi and Bella have their modeling careers to show for it, their little bro is about to join the ranks.

    Dimitrios Kambouris / Via Getty


    That's right — 16-year-old Anwar Hadid just signed his first modeling contract with IMG Models.

    Stefanie Keenan

    Because why the hell not.

    David Cunningham, Vice President for IMG, posted a photo of Anwar to his Instagram to announce the news.

    David Cunningham / Via

    His caption reads: "Anwar. Get Ready." And Anwar's mom Yolanda Foster reposted it 'cuz now she's got three kids with modeling contracts and they totes got it from their mama.

    And the kid's definitely got some ~raw~ talent.

    @anwarhadid / Via

    Smize, boy.

    To start, he has those DREAMY Hadid eyes.

    @anwarhadid / Via

    His sisters have them, too.

    And he can definitely find his light.

    @anwarhadid / Via

    We see you down there, handsome.

    And there's a chance his signature ~lewk~ might involve covering his face with his left hand.

    @anwarhadid / Via

    He loves that hand.

    @anwarhadid / Via

    LOVES. IT.

    Either way, he's basically a male version of Gigi.

    @anwarhadid / Via

    Literally the same person.

    Now it's time to kill it on the catwalk.

    Make the family ~proud~.