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14 Charts Anyone Who Sucks At Hair Will Appreciate

Curl up with some unbeweavable advice (sorry, guys).

1. There's a chance you've been using bobby pins wrong this ENTIRE time.

2. Make sure you're buying the right brushes for your hair type and desired style.

3. Pick the perfect flat iron to join your hairstyling squad.

4. K.N.O.W. your curl pattern.

5. Add new braids to your hair vocabulary.

6. Don't throw money away by using excess product on your hair!

7. Know the right terms to talk about your hair like a *pro.*

8. If you're unsure about getting bangs, finally figure out your face shape.

9. Get a little help picking out your perfect hair color.

10. Figure out how to use your curling iron to get different looks.

11. Know the ABCs of curly hair for the best locks of your LIFE.

12. And keep a few simple and cute curly hairstyles in your back pocket for when you're feeling extra lazy.

13. If your curl pattern is suffering, switch up your bedtime style.

14. If you're experiencing breakage and frizziness after drying your hair, swap your towel out for a tee.

You got this.