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14 Charts Anyone Who Sucks At Hair Will Appreciate

Curl up with some unbeweavable advice (sorry, guys).

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1. There's a chance you've been using bobby pins wrong this ENTIRE time.

BuzzFeed / Via Facebook: buzzfeedtopknot

Turn the bobby pin so that the ridged side is flat against your head. The ridges are made to grip onto your hair while the flat side looks polished and clean.


2. Make sure you're buying the right brushes for your hair type and desired style.

If you're looking for that *perfect* blowout look, invest in a good diagonal or mixed-bristle brush.


14. If you're experiencing breakage and frizziness after drying your hair, swap your towel out for a tee.

Gently dry — don't twist — your hair for easy drying without damaging your locks. For more hair tips, check out Michelle Phan.


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