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19 Super Cozy Ways To Use String Lights In Your Home

Let it glow.

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1. To seriously upgrade your sleeping situation, drape lights on top of your canopy.!/

For a super starry look, try lightweight wire LED lights ($15.50)—you can pile on twice as many without weighing down your canopy. You can also learn how to DIY a canopy with this quick video.

3. You can also toss a strand over the back rungs of your bed frame for easy, instant mood lighting.

This is a great design trick to add more interest to white bedroom walls without loading them up with pictures and posters. See more photos here.


4. And if you got the bottom bunk in your dorm, drape string lights from the top to make it extra cozy.

Either hang them from command hooks on the wall that line the bottom of the top bunk or ask your roommate if you can thread them through the top bunk's bed frame slats. Get more inspiring decor dorm pictures here.

5. You can use globe string lights to outline a killer accent wall.

Use pushpins to secure around the perimeter of a small wall space. This is a great trick to light a gallery wall in a dim corner. Learn more about it here.


8. Or hang a strand by itself for a minimalist ~arty~ vibe.

Be strategic with your strand placement to get the most magical look possible. Plug lights into a hidden outlet so everyone doesn't have to see how the sausage gets made. Learn more about it here.


12. Or hang them from a hook in a kid's room for a modern nightlight.

This tip is perfect for teens who are still-kinda-maybe-not-a-little-somtimes afraid of the dark, but have outgrown their plastic dinosaur nightlight.

13. If you want to divide an open-concept room without making it darker, add a wall of lights.

This is a great way to give your space a sense of shape without adding walls. Place a wall of globe lights between the living room and kitchen so you can still listen to Dance Moms while you cook.


16. Another trick: Forgo a pendant light or chandelier over the dining table and just go full-on string lights.

Leela Cyd; Danielle Tsi; Gabriela Herman / Via

If you have a long dining table, hang them along the length of the table to elongate the appearance of the entire spread.