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    These Ingenious Lego Hacks Will Finally Help Math Make Sense

    Become instantly smarter with these tricks.

    Meet Alycia Zimmerman, a 3rd grade teacher at PS 33 in New York City.

    Zimmerman thinks that children can better absorb math when it's presented as a game.

    She considers it a great passion to further children's love of math, according to her website.

    So she created genius math visualization techniques using our fave building blocks: Lego bricks.

    Esolex / Getty Images

    So very smart.

    For example, here's how Zimmerman explains parts versus a whole:

    And here's one way to visualize how fractions work:

    This technique even works on fractions that might seem intimidating:

    Every restaurant should have Lego bricks for people who need to calculate the tip, am I right?

    Zimmerman explains mean, median, and mode using Lego bricks:

    And she can even show how square numbers work:

    This is so good. Just so good.

    Lego bricks are great math teaching tools because they can be combined in so many different ways.

    And playing with them is a lot more fun than just writing out equations on a piece of paper.

    Happy ~learning~!

    We've reached out to Alycia Zimmerman for comment and we're awaiting her reply. To learn more about her technique, go here.

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